As part of any organization, volunteers are the life blood of our sporting program.  Until the day comes that we are a fully funded program, we need YOU!  

We understand you may not be familiar with stop watch usage, or what the heck ladder-races are, or why they are always dumping buckets of water on the ice,  never fear, we are a friendly bunch of folk, who love to teach, and smell fresh volunteer blood, so resign to the fact that yes, you will hold a stop watch,  and you too, will witness the profound enjoyment on the faces of our skaters when they sit on a bucket and race!


Our club runs solely on the help and support of dedicated volunteers.  As our club grows it is important to have multiple people to support the continued growth of our club.  If there is not enough board members demand is greater but if we are able to fill all positions the time commitment is manageable. 

Serving on the board allows you to contribute ideas and supports the programming that betters you and your skaters experience.  

This is a great time to shadow the current positions and see what might be a good fit for you.   We hold 3 – 1 hour board meetings a year (usually coordinated around ice times)  Email us at rhspeedskating@gmail.com if you are interested and if you have further questions.  

  1.  President – Chris Kramp
  2. Past President – Dena Hannah
  3.  Vice-President / Fundraising – Richard Keijzer
  4.  Treasurer – Kris Corbett – email 
  5.  Secretary – Vacant 
  6.  Director, Membership – Jane Huck – Linda Iverson & Laurie Vanstone
  7.  Director, Equipment – Colin Javra, Sharri Bertram & Bill Gendron – multi terms
  8.  Director, Communications – Ally Van Horne
  9.  Director, Volunteer coordinator – Laurel Rose
  10.  Parent Rep – 1st ice- Multiple Parents – open positions
  11.  Parent Rep – 2nd Ice- Multiple Parents – open positions