2019 Ice Schedule to March 14th

Mondays at Civic Center

Beginners 5-6pm

Advanced 6-7pm

Tuesday at River Heights

Intermediate & Masters 5-6pm

Advanced  6-7pm


Beginners 5-6pm

Intermediate & Masters 6-7pm

Our final ice session will be Thursday, March 14th.

PDT/PT CLUB SKATERS –  Please note that there will be ice available on Monday, March 18th from 5-7pm for those of who are still training for out of town competitions the following weekend.

Skater       Groups General Classification Minimum 400m Time Standard Skill Level
LTS  Beginner Learn-to-skate, beginner, and Special O no minimum Can’t do cross-over strides, can’t do basic edging control.  Lacking sufficient speed for next level.

L2T  Intermediate

intermediate skill level, and lower skilled Masters 54:00 seconds Can do cross-overs and basic edging proficiently, still developing specific speed skating technique and speed.
T2T  Advanced advance skill level (all ages) 45:00 seconds Has proficient aptitude and execution of proper speed skating technique.  Has the base phsysical fitness and speed to train at a high level.